Stands for TURK KOMPOZIT 2022, the Composites Summit are now Available for Reservation!

Dear Member of the Industry,

The fifth iteration of the Composites Event organized by the Composite Manufacturers Association, will be held in Istanbul, on 6-8 October, 2022.

The event will take place in the form of a trade show once again. ‘4th Turkish and Regional Composites Industry, Technology and Applications Trade Show’, or briefly ‘TURK KOMPOZIT 2022, The COMPOSITES SUMMIT’ will cover activities involving the overall composites industry, including but not limited to manufacturing, processing, and application methods of the composites industry.

Technical and commercial seminars for the visitors, product displays, product presentations, and award events will provide a venue to exhibit raw materials (resins, fibers and supplements, technical textiles, thermosets, thermoplastics, additives), intermediate and semi-finished products, end-products, processing technologies, machinery and equipment, as well as consumption materials and services.

The event will, above all, provide an opportunity to become an effective part of a rising industry in Turkey, and promote the industry in the most forceful manner by joining our forces. The participants will meet local and regional users, and get the opportunity to present their products and services, all the while developing healthy business relationships.

The event offers the local and regional players a valuable opportunity to reach out to composites manufacturers, raw material suppliers, and extended services. They will also get insights into state of the art practices.

The professionals in the industry, on the other hand, will benefit from job and career opportunities. The students visiting the event will also get the chance to be acquainted with the products and services offered by the composites industry.

The event will last 3 days, with 88 stands providing approximately 200 brands the chance to promote their products, while many experts and firms making technical and commercial presentations.

In order to see the layout and the locations of the stands in the event hall please click here.

Also click here to see the prices applicable.

The participants which pay 50% of the total price for the stands by the 31 December, 2021 deadline will get 10% early payment discount, and will be entitled to get the stand of their choosing, as of the date of payment.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the event.

Yours sincerely,