TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 Composites Summit to be held at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Hall on 10-12 October, 2019, will not only reveal the achievements of Turkish Composites Industry, but also provide a stage for a number of events. First of all, the participating firms with more than a hundred exhibitions, will be hosting their guests, and engage with them on matters of interest concerning the organizations and entities they represent. As a first, this year’s event will also entail “Composites Career Days”. In the context of Composites Career Days, senior year university students and industry professionals seeking a new job will get the chance to meet with firms in search of qualified employees. Another first in this year’s event will be the “Composites Experience Talks” program, where the doyens of Turkish Composites Industry will be sharing their experiences and advice with the newer members of the community. Start-ups which often feel unable to attend the event will, on this occasion, have the chance to present and promote their operations, products, and aims in the section designated for them. The “Composite Awards” –an established tradition inherited from previous iterations of the event– will now be implemented with a revised format. The Awards will be presented to the worthy members of the industry, during the Cocktail event to be held on the 2nd day of the program. In this event, ground-breaking, innovative and creative examples from the composites industry will be presented at the “Composite Products Planet” section. Moreover, the entities and organizations which take part in the event will be able to present their bulletins and documents to the guests, at the “Media Corner”.

We would like to see you as a participant and / or visitor in our event.