TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 Composite Summit will bring together all the industry professionals in Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Center on October 10-12, 2019.

TURK KOMPOZIT 2019, which is the largest, presentation and exhibition area for the Turkish Composite sector, aims to perform a larger and more effective Summit in terms of participation thanks to its expanded content. As the date of exhibition that we’re getting ready for approaches, some information about the exhibition content is presented below:

One of the significant components of the exhibition this year is that the products and solutions for the defence and aviation industry will be displayed. This industry is a field where high performance, light, high-strength and durable products are combined with innovative designs. Composite material technologies provide light materials with high specific strength to the defence and aviation industry. Composite materials offers solutions at every stage such as design, improvement, renovation, maintenance/repair, operation, sustainment etc. with their many advantageous features like forming, strength, and corrosion resistance and so on.

Our country is located in a geography where multi-dimensional conflicts happen. Therefore, it is vital for us to have a powerful army for the future and survival of our country. It is a must to have a strong defence industry standing back of a powerful army. The recent positive developments in our defence industry have been evaluated with the increase in indigenousness and nationality. Our composite industry has a great part in this increase. The developments in composite technology allow us to produce more extensive and economical solutions in order to meet security needs.

The Global Aviation and Defence Industry has maintained its growth trend and started to expand its global supply chain due to increased aircraft production and defence budgets as a result of increased travel demands, new technologies and security threats. In Turkey, the Aviation and Defence sector has achieved a growth above the growth rate of Europe and World. With this characteristic, it also promises new experiences and cooperation opportunities for sector professionals.

We are waiting for all the sector members to this great exhibition, wishing you enjoyable and efficient sharing opportunities.