TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 Stand Area Announcement

The prioritized placement period for TURK KOMPOZIT 2019, granted for the participants of the previous event, is concluded as of 31 December, 2018. From 2 January, 2019 on, the whole event hall is available for reservation by any participant, old as well as new.
The firms which need an exhibition area can register by depositing 50% of the amount required, for the available exhibition areas shown on the attached layout plan.
The members are provided a discount of 20% over the grand total. Moreover, the participants which deposit 50% of the exhibition area registration fee by 1 February, 2019 shall be entitled to a further 10% early deposit discount. The exhibition hall layout plan and the price list are provided below.

TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 1st Announcement

Turkish Composite Manufacturers Association will hold the fourthTurkey’s Composite Event, the first of which was held in 2013, the second in 2015 and the third in 2017 on 10-11-12 October 2019 in Istanbul
Our event this year is organized as an exhibition again in the cooperation with SEREKS FUARCILIK. “3rd Turkish and Regional Composites Industry Technologies and Applications Exhibition” to be known as “TURK KOMPOZIT 2019 COMPOSITES SUMMIT” will include activities that cover the whole composites sector, particularly the manufacturing, processing, and application methods specific to the Composites Industry. With emphasis on the raw materials (resins, fibres, and reinforcement materials, technical textiles, thermosets, thermoplastics, additives), semi and intermediate products, end products, processing technologies, machinery and equipment, consumables and services . These will be presented within the framework of technical and commercial seminars, product exhibitions, live demonstrations, promotions, and awards intended for the guests.
The event will primarily give the participants an opportunity to take place in one of Turkey’s rising sectors, and cooperate to make the strongest promotion of the sector. The participants will meet local and regional users and have the chance to present their products and services, and develop healthy business relations.
The event gives local and regional users, composites manufacturers, raw material suppliers the opportunity to reach services and information about the latest technological applications. It also provides sector’s professionals with employment and career opportunities, and students the chance of getting to know the products and services provided by the Composites Sector.
It is expected, that around 200 brands will introduce their products in 133 product showcase areas and meny experts and firms will make technical and commercial presentations in the event which will last three days,
Looking forward to seeing to you in Istanbul.
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